preparing to sell your home?

Here are some tips to help get you started


  • Tidy up the grounds, porches, and garage(s). Keep lawn and shrubbery neatly trimmed, replace dead plants or bushes, and weed and edge the plant beds. Make sure that your yard is clean. First impressions count!
  • Your front door adds to that first impressionbe sure it is scrubbed or repainted if necessary. Replace hardware if discolored or tarnished.
  • If any decorating or painting is needed, do it now! A small investment in paint will make a much larger difference in the sales price.
  • Wash windows and clean/dust window coverings.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms help sell homes. Make these rooms sparkle.
  • Repair or replace missing or damaged tile, hardwood, vinyl, and baseboards.
  • Steam-clean or shampoo carpets. Make sure that any loose carpet is secured and that any damaged areas are replaced.
  • Get rid of clutter. Pack away valuables and store extra furniture, knick-knacks, guns, and medicines. Dont let an overabundance of belongings take away from the beauty of your home.


  • Clean out closets and the attic. Items left should be neatly arranged and well organized.
  • Make sure all water faucets look and function properly.
  • Illumination is a welcome sign. Replace bulbs and turn on the lights.
  • Wash dishes, make beds, put away clothes, and straighten up.
  • Keep pets out of the way during showingsmany people are allergic.
  • Never apologize for appearance; it either distracts or accentuates the problem.


Look at your home objectively. Pretend you are a prospective buyer seeing it for the first time. Remember, the better it looks, the quicker it will sell. Call or email us for recommendations on how to stage the property for presentation to prospective buyers. We will be happy to walk through your home with you and help you set the stage.